Here is a summary of our Scool360 product update from February 2021

More than a year over, but still we are not over Covid19 pandemic hit till now. Covid19 Vaccine is out and it’s been given to front liners as well as to the people who had more risk, hopefully which can bring pandemic to endgame. Normal citizens and kids are in still waiting mode for the Vaccination doses. 

Though many organization and industries are coming back to normal operation taking precaution to prevent infection at their premises as well as many operating in hybrid mode.  

It doesn’t look quite the same for Education industry as many schools and institutes are still shut, not operating as regular. Most of the schools, colleges and institutes have opted for online classes/Virtual classrooms and it has become a new study trends across country. It is high time for Education industry to explore more ideas to be precisely equipped in using online platform for teaching/mentoring as well as opting for better SMS (school management system). Scool360 with almost 50 features cover 360 aspects of school management where stake holders can manage their school or multiple schools remotely in a fingertip. It’s a step towards new digital India and we are proud to be part of it.  

New Features:

  1. New Server upgradation for reliability and safe of your valuable data 
  2. Online Registration Form entry in the existing scool360 software.

Online Student registration form is used to register new students for a school, college, university, preschool or any other educational institution. With our free School Registration Forms, you can quickly gather contact information, educational background, and supporting documents online to cut out manual paperwork, save time, and organize your records.  

Here are just a few reasons why you should switch to an online enrollment format for your school. 

  • More Accessible 
  • Faster Data Access 
  • Error-Free Information 
  • Better Use of Staff 

All you need to do is fill out the accurate information of student which is marked as mandatory (*) fields and also all the other relevant information, which will be helpful for the school to maintain a reliable, robust and authentic data, along with the supporting documents and submit the details. 


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