Here is a summary of our Scool360 product update from January 2021
Being a software company in the education sector we are forced enough to provide all our valuable satisfied clients about our R & D on time. Our R & D team is doing regular updates on our Scool360 which we would like to update you through in our News Letter regularly every
New features:

We have developed an option for Student login in which they can view :

  • Display of Student academic and non-academic details
  • Online Application Form
  • Online application form for uploading the student documents
  • Assigning subjects to the individual student, now onwards you can assign any subject to an individual student

We have added Club/Group Management in this feature you can ;

  • Create or Manage Club / Group Management
  • Online application for a student to join the club / Group management
  • Survey/poll questions to a specific club
A new feature of customized report cards Report Cards and Certificates are added in the software.

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