Here is a summary of our Scool360 product update from March 2021

Adversity can turn out to be boon as it seems true in current scenario amidst Covid Pandemic which doesn’t seems to go away soon, where a shift happens towards positivity in entire world whether its individual level, social level, country level or organization level. Personal well being physically and mentally has shifted consciousness at individual level whereas as social norms of greeting and meeting has changed its course due to lock down and social distancing. Countries have come together for the vaccination of all to get through this chaotic situation.

Organizations across industries shifted their course of work and education industry could be one of the best examples to show how it is adapted during adverse and turn out to be savior in many cases. Throughout the world many education institutes are providing online studies and it becomes a new norm today. A huge respect to the education facilitator and students who learnt IT skills as fast as possible and made virtual classes and e-learning easy. These institutes are nothing less than regular ones as it conducts virtual online classes, provides online study materials, online work sheets submission, conducts online exams and online report card generation. A year is gone amidst Pandemic and students are promoted to next class. We’ve adapted ourselves and hopefully that we’ll come out of this stronger, empathetic and more human. As Darwin’s adaptation theory says “Survival of the fittest”, Hope we would turn out to be fittest.

Solutions provided to face the pandemic by Scool360:

  • Student Registration at your fingertips: Go digital and allow parents to register and enroll their children online and avoid the paperwork shuffle.
  • Distance learning solution: Online classes can be scheduled via different platforms.
  • Single click Fee payment: Online fee payment through mobile app.
  • Remote Math Tutor: Online classes for High School from the Experts.

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