Here is a summary of our Scool360 product update from June 2021

Tech-savvy education forums are trending currently and hold a good place in the market and a great future ahead.

Necessity is always considered to be the mother of great inventions, that’s general but a new viewpoint says a Visionary is a person who can foresee the opportunities much in advance and mold itself accordingly. And as new trends are bringing opportunity so it’s fetching insecurities to those who are not skilled to the new wave of change of Education management, we are currently seeing 2 major obstacles to the education system, one is their digital absence and another is their untrained faculty members towards new skills required for digital presence. Both need to upgrade and go hand in hand, sustainable infrastructure for virtual education systems and skilled tech-savvy faculty members.

Now is the time for education institutes to grab the current opportunity and transform digitally, those who are still not opted for.

New features

  1. Attendance Configuration
    Attendance Register is a tool to record the regularity of a student, teacher on a day-to-day basis. The attendance Module is further categorized in terms of junior and senior students based on the period configuration of each class is done.
  2. Group Module
    Ability grouping  increases student achievement to attain all-round development according to his/her own attributes. To achieve this, students should be provided with suitable assistance and guidance in accordance with their abilities and learning needs, so that they can develop their potential to the full. In order to monitor each group’s performance, the very immediate peer provides marks and also updates attendance based on the regularity of each student.
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  3. Disciplinary Module
    Disciplinary maintains a set of standards for performance and behavior that is reasonable, fair, and equitably applied. To prescribe corrective actions and outline disciplinary measures to be taken when student performance or behavior is not in keeping with expectations and requirements. To monitor the behavioral aspects staffs provide marks and these marks will be reflected in their report card. 
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  4. Report Module
    The marks from the Group Module and the Disciplinary module will be reflected when the Report Card is generated 
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