Here is a summary of what is new in our Scool360 product

We have some exciting news to share this March

Educational institutions are slowly getting back to their offline mode with the promise of near-normal admissions for the academic year 2022-23.

As we continue our less paper to paperless campaign through our Go paperless pilot, we are happy to have successfully implemented the pilot at two more of our schools – Kenz International and St. Savio Scool360 was implemented in these schools and were encouraged to harness the capabilities of the solution and to identify the areas for improvement to ensure an enhanced learning experience.  

Scool360 – a revolutionary product that offers complete end-to-end digital transformation of school administration. The solution helps schools to manage their entire operation right from admission to alumni such as Learning and Teaching, Assessment and Results publishing, Fee Management, Library, Transportation, and Inventory Management.

We are working on making Scool360 more adaptive to future needs by adopting a go-mobile approach by making the mobile version of the application equally feature-rich.

The web version of the Scool360 incorporates personalized role-based access to ensure data integrity and security where each stakeholder can easily access many features relevant to their roles and responsibilities. We have extended the capabilities to the mobile version. The mobile version now incorporates the following features:

Teacher Module

Teachers can access Scool360 on their smartphones or any other devices so that they are constantly in touch with their schedules and activities. An improved view of this module will help teachers to access Dashboards with the current day’s schedules, attendance marking and homework assigning. In addition, they can manage their leaves and schedules via their smartphones.

 Parent Module

This module allows parents to stay in touch with Scool360 on the go ensuring parents’ collaborative involvement. Parents can use their smartphones to view Attendance, homework, exam results, and schedules to monitor the progress of their ward. They can even remit fees online via secure payment gateways and generate receipts.

Student Module

Students can effortlessly switch between online and offline modes of learning and not miss out on any classes. They can view attendance and class schedules and submit assignments online through their smartphones. They can access all the learning material on their devices and can even view recorded sessions for better understanding.

We are also revamping our website to reflect these changes to enhance user experience and are eagerly waiting to roll out these changes to our clients.

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