Here is a summary of our Scool360 product update from December 2020


NS Group wishes you all a happy and a prosperous New Year , lets hope this year we can achieve all our goals . In the last year as we have introduced lot of new features to smooth our clients operation through this pandemic situation to overcome the new challenges , we have introduced remote learning platform with timetable scheduler and Online Fee payment solutions to maintain the social distancing. Even it was a great challenge for us to make our R &D Team active as they have achieved all the support through Work from Home Model.

Once again, NS Group Family wishes you a Happy & Prosperous New Year to you and Your Team members.

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Upcoming New features

1. Maths classes from experts will be available in scool360

2. Online tuitions classes for foreign countries

3. Adding of Foreign language (Chinese) in Scool360


We have made Scool360 will be an integrated platform form for multiple departments in an organization.

In this mission of AI-Enabled Scool360 will transform the School with digital capability and features.


We are entering into a whole new era of complete Digital Transformation, where the performance of all the departments can be analyzed.

A powerful KPI based Dashboard will be created for an overall Data analytics.

New Modules added to our Scool360 platform are:

Accounts Management: All the process of the activities of the account team now can be done through Scool360.
Features : • Fee collection synchronizes with Scool360 • Multiple counter management. • Payments with vouchers • Receipts

Hostel Management: With Scool360 all the admin activities of a hostel can be done with ease.
Features : • Manage rooms • Room allotment • Fee scheduling & collection • Floor wise room occupancy view

DMS (Document Management System):It will help to track, store documents of students, staff and it saves paper.
Features : • Document Input. • Document download

Multiple School Management: Manages all your school branches across the globe.
Features : • Details of all the school branches in one Dashboard • Student count Staff Count and Fees collected with details


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