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View Registered Students

This option is used to view the registered students. Click on student module and view registered students. Select the particular class and click on search. The page is displayed as shown below.

  • Select the particular student and click on edit status. Edit status pop up window is displayed.
  • Select the status and click on update the student status will be changed.

Edit Registered Student Details

  • Click on edit image of the student. Edit details pop up window is displayed.
  • Can edit the details of the register student and can update.

Add Comments

  • Click on  image of the student. Comment pop up window of the student is displayed. Can add comments and can view the comments if added.

Collect Fee for Registered Students

  • Click on  image of the student, fee page is displayed

Can collect advance fee for the student, collect other fee.

View Details of Registered Students

  • Click on  image of the student, Register student list in a pop up window is displayed.

Enrolling Student

  • Click on the enroll image and the student details will be automatically entered into ‘Add Student’ Page.
  • After entering all the details of the student click on the Save Button. It is similar to the way of adding a new student which is discussed previously.

Delete Registered Students

  • Click on image to delete the student, confirmation message is displayed in the pop up window.

Click on yes registered student is deleted.

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