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Search Student

This option is used for searching the students of the school. Students can be searched based on following options.

  • AdmissionNumber
    • StudentName
    • Class
    • Joiningbatch
    • Live, history, promotion list, approval list, registeredstudents.
    • Advance search, where we can search all thestudents.
Figure 6 : Search student
  • For searching a student based on his/her name
  • Click on Student Manager and click search student.
  • Select search by: Student Name
  • Type the name of the student. Need to type only the first alphabet so that all the students with that alphabet will be displayed down automatically.

After selecting the name click on the search Button. Then that student will be displayed like below.

Clickonthe  image of the student. Student details and the student info list in the left corner of the page aredisplayed. Student details includes class, admission number, Phone number, Guardian,Roll number, blood group.

At the right end side of the student details page the user can see a panel.

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