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Enter Attendance

This option provides the Attendance Management of the school. This option is used for marking the attendance of  the students of the different classes.

  • Click on Student Manager
  • Click on Enter Attendance
  • Select the date on which the attendance to be marked.
    • Now select the class to which the attendance is to be marked.
    • Now the students name will be listed
    • Three sections a)Fore Noon b)After Noon full day will be displayed.
    • Enter student roll no who are absent .
  • Click on All Present Button and a popup will show
  • Click on ok button.
  • Attendance list of students is displayed.

Edit the details and click on update, attendance details are updated.

  • By default all the students will be displayed as present.
  • If the user need to mark any of the student as absent, just uncheck  and the student will be displayed as absent
  • After marking the attendance click on the save button and the attendance details are saved.
  • Attendance reports are generated automatically.
  • If the SMS option is enabled, SMS alerts will be sent automatically to the parents if their child is absent for any day.
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