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Add student

This option is used for creating a new student.

  • The user needs to type all the Basic details of the student.
  • The details which are entered by the user during the creation of the student will be displayed while searching the student.
  • After entering all the Basic details and click on the next Button. 
  • Can also add the register students to creating student to the particular class.

Note: Only the fields marked in ‘* ‘are mandatory.The user can skip the fields which are not mandatory. The user can enter the General details of the Student in detailed manner in the next page.

After entering all the Basic details click on the next button

  • Click on  button and can go back to the previous page and change Basic details.
  • Click on  button and can cancel the creation of student.


  • If the fee is already scheduled for that class all the fees will be listed which is applicable for the newly added student.
  • If any of the fee amount is not applicable for that student it can be unchecked.
  • The fee which is checked will be applicable for the newly created student. Now Click on the Save Button

Now the user will get the student creation conformation Page.

  • Click on  image and can view the details of the created student
  • Click on image goes to add new student page.
  • Click on image goes to collect fee page for the student, where can collect fee of the student
  • Click on the upload photo button to upload photo of the student.
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