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Exam Details

It gives the details about the exam type, exam frequency. We can also map the exam to particular class.It also allows us to do the following things listed below

  • Manage Exams                                                                                                                         

Can add subjects to the exam with pass marks and the max marks.
The added subjects can be edited by clicking on the manage tab.Click on select button to manage the exam- edit details.

  • Schedule Exam

Click on Schedule

  • Used to schedule the exams for the class
  • Select class, period, grade master from the below displayed details.
  • Enter the exam date and the time slot.
  • Click on the schedule button.
  • Click on the Ok button in the pop up window. The exam will be schedule for the class.
· Enter Marks

To update the mark the user need to double click on the respective examination and then click enter mark option. After selecting the subjects the user need to enter all the marks for a subject and then need to click on the update button.

·  Generate Report

After updating all the marks for a particular examination the user need to click on the report generation button on the Exam info .This must be done for generating all the report cards After generating the report card the user can be able to update the remarks for individual students.

·Remove exam

We can remove the created exam before scheduling of the exams. Click on the remove exam button.
The confirmation message is displayed in a pop up window.Click on yes button the exam will be deleted.If exam is already scheduled to the class then the warning message is displayed as shown below.

Import Marks

Download the template of the marks entry sheet,enter the details in the excel and save.Can browse and upload the details of the marks into the school software.
Click on the exam details link – the details of the exam can be viewed in the main page.

  • Exam Dashboard

Can view the list of exam which are published and non published. Non published exams can be published by clicking on the  icon of the exam, the exam details page will be displayed and can click on publish the details will be saved under student exam performance.

Mark Entry Sheet

Click on mark entry sheet. This option is used to generate the mark entry sheet of the students. The marks are export and saved on the excel sheet. Click on generate button, the mark entry sheet will be generated.


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