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System description

Scool 360 is a web based system that serving Students, Teachers,Headmasters and Parents, the main idea of our system is to allow thestudents to be up to date with the school activities and with their grades, andthe same thing for their parents in addition to be in touch permanently withthe teachers and the headmaster for any complaint, recommendation oranything that related to their students. And for teachers it consider as an easyway to manage their job’s day, to be in touch with students and to enter their

grades or anything they want to send it or view it to the students. And for the headmasters, they have a full control of the system, and like the teachers, it will be a great tool to manage their days and plans for the school, also they will be in a permanent connection with all the other users which will be a wonderful virtual educational social community that definitely will improve the student’s performance and education, and make the school for them really as they second’s home.

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