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1) History – Shows the entire history of student from marks sheet to attendance, activities, incidents, student details

2) Incident management – Achievements, scholarship or any activity against the school’s rules and regulations or against the law will be recorded

3) Fee Details – The complete details of the fee’s transactions done by parents for their child and it also displays fees yet to be paid

4) Exam performance – Report of the student based upon the performance in exam shall be recorded and displayed accordingly.

5) Attendance – Complete report of the attendance of student form beginning till present, monthly, yearly can be fetched from here

6) Customize certificate – Automation in this feature helps to Create certificate for achievements or any recognition to be done

7) Transfer certificate – Transfer certificate can be customized according to the school format, or the design and fields required

8) Homework – Once the homework is assigned from any teacher it will be displayed in parent’s portal and they can check upon the child

9) Staff details- Shows all the details of staff from qualification, experience, attendance, time table and subjects handled by staff

10) Roll number scheduler – This function allots roll number to students based upon the alphabetical order and student’s admission number

11) Data management – Feed the details of student and staff in a excel sheet and it can be imported to the software in the required format

12) Attendance – Attendance can be marked and message of the same will got to parents and reports for the same can be generated

13) SMS – All-important activities like Homework, fees, exam report any events will be updated to parents and staff thru message

14) Customised SMS – Messages are flexible to be customised according to the school needs and format that the management is looking forward to.

15) House management – System can map students into different houses without staff intervention, required SMS by the house guidelines can be sent to parents

16) Group management – Messages under any requirement of debate quiz participation, outing or an activity which must come to parent’s attention can be sent to parents

17) Scheduling the fees – Based upon student’s class of education fees can be scheduled and it will be updated in parent’s portal also

18) Collecting fees – Entry of collection of fees and generation of bills can be updated along with other fees required by the school

19) Billing – All bills can be fetched with the report from entire academic year for any verification and cancel the bill if needed

20) Different modes of payment – All payment modes can be recorded along with clearance of DD and cheque. it will be added to the billing section

21) Penalty – Penalties over fees overdue can be collected and configured based upon school guidelines and structure

22) Fee rule – Relaxation of fee can be made based upon special needs of the student (example based on differently abled people)

23) Fee reports – Consolidated report can be displayed with overall amount, highlighting year wise and pending cases, thru SMS it can be highlighted Our Features Our Features 24) Date sheet – System allows you to schedule exams and in return it will generate a date sheet for you

25) Admit card – Admit card can be generated for the students of various classes along with their date sheet for exams

26) Report Generation – Consolidated reports of various exams, subject wise report, can be generated based on the requirement

27) Library – The function allows adding books to library, issue books, collection of books, returns, penalties for late return

28) Barcode Generator – Barcode can be generated for books, which can be taken as a print and can be pasted on the book for further tracking and records

29) Library report – Total number of books in library along with the name, number of books issued, and penalty collected for late returns and damage.

30) Automatic time table generator – Time table can be generated automatically for the entire year, based upon the configuration required by the school

31) Time table – We can check the work load of staff, staff availability for adjustments, staff time table interchange based on requirement

32) Vehicle Management – This feature allows the admin to have count on number of vehicles, sitting capacity, no. of KM’s travelled for a day, Mileage.

33) Transportation – The system helps to calculate transportation fees (based upon the route) also Vehicle management, trip man agreementare undertaken

34) Smart Attendance – Staff can mark the attendance on mobile instead of the register which consumes time and requires efforts to calculate attendance Our Features

35) Institute/event calendar – The system allows the School to mark events, holidays or important days and it will be updated in parent’s portal

36) Payment gateway integration – A secure payment gateway to accept and allow smooth transactions for various settlements is completely operative in system

37) Mobile App – Communication from School to parent

38) User management – The flexibility of the software allows you to allocate, different user roles like librarian, receptionist, stationary master

39) Courses and Batches – Configure and manage courses and batches based on institutes rules and time table along with batch durations

40) Parent Login – Parents will be able to track child’s details, fees details, attendance, exam reports, exam date sheet, class time table and can make online payments.

41) Multiple school management portal – one dashboard for all the schools under one organisation, count of students, staff. Fees collected and amount yet to be collected

42) SMS Integration – Based on schools need they can change the vendor on their choice to have a tie up of their own

43) Principal Dashboard – Information of student’s attendance, transport used, hostel, details of utmost importance will be available for principal’s dashboard

44) Notifications – The user can decide what type of notifications they would like to receive based upon their department they can make their choice.

45) Manage Routes – Admin can create multiple routes based upon students pick up point and allocate pickup vehicle accordingly

46) Route Fee – Based upon the route or the number of kilometres fees can be charged from the student and bills will be generated based on them.

47) Inventory – It maintains record of various things like adding items, issuing items to staff and student, vendor reports, stock reports, issuing reports.

48) Multiple Locations – Manage different locations from one screen like transferring items from one place to another and much more

49) Sales – Keeps the record of all the items sold and items left in the stock, one can fetch these details for report generation

50) Goods Receipt – Receipts can be generated for the vendor from the system itself and track records of the same for further use.

51) Staff Time Table – Teachers can see their own time table for the day and plan notebooks checking and tests accordingly.

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