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  • What is School Management Software?

A School management system is a complete educational ERP solution that streamlines, automates, and simplifies day-to-day operations. We help schools manage online admissions, daily attendance, homework, assessments, examinations, fee collections, transportation, hostel and library management. A school ERP provides various modules to digitise campus administration and enable educators to make quick decisions that enhance student and staff performance promoting the institution’s growth.

  • How Online Admission System Ease Institute Admission?

Online admission software enables parents to drop an online enquiry and also makes online transactions possible for application and registration fee via payment gateway. Admissions tool provides real-time insights of all admission-related tasks by streamlining the entire enquiry to admission procedure.

  • Why scool 360?

Scool360 is an advanced School Management ERP Software. It is a cloud based product which can be scalable dynamically and enable secure communication. Efficient database management ensures the security of your data. Secured with inbuilt security capabilities such as SSL certificate. High availability and reliability it provides centralized control and monitoring with automated backup.

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