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School management software A tool which automates the institute’s daily operations and facilitates paperless administration for the schools, resulting in better growth and higher productivity.

In this digital era, it is vital and requisite that every institution should have modern and reliable school management system, so that they can make better and faster decisions to maintain the growth of the alliance. But sometimes due to unawareness of the important features of school software, school might end up using software which fails to fulfil their needs.

School Management System helps principals to get the most accurate information to make more effective decisions. Teachers and principals gain time saving administrative tools, parents gain immediate access to their children’s grades and students can track their own progress. School Management System equipped features makes it possible to generate schedules and reports in minutes and to retrieve attendance records, grade checks, report cards, transcripts, and form letters in just a few clicks. School Management Systems helps Teachers to complete grade book, track student’s attendance, input class notes, create lesson plans and detailed, and communicate with other staff members, students, and parents all via e-mail. It also helps Students to access assignments and tests, and view attendance records, grades, report cards, a reports d progress reports all online. To implement Scool 360 application, schools do not need expensive hardware and software; they just need an internet connection and desktops. Our system works as a centralized database and application that schools can easily access the system from anywhere based on the login credentials. My School is a platform independent system that virtually any user can access from anywhere through a standard internet accessible system. We can also customize My School for individual school needs.


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