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Staff module

Staff module

Figure 26: Staff module

This module is used for managing all the staff details of the school.

5.4.1 Add Staff

This option is for entering the staff of the school into the system. All the details of the staffs can be entered through this option.

  • The New User can be created in the ‘Staff Manager’ Module.
  • Click on ‘Add Staff’ for creating a new staff.

  • Now enter the following details including the login name and password.
Figure 27: Add Staff
  • The user can be created based on different Roles according to their designation in the school.

Figure 28: Roles created under staff

  • While creating the user make sure that the role is selected properly. That is map the role which is most appropriate for that user.
  • After entering all the details click on the ‘Create’ Button.
Figure 29: Upload photo after creating staff

If the staff photo is to be uploaded click on the ‘Yes’ Button and upload the photo.

5.4.2 Enter Attendance

This option is used to mark the staff attendance. Marking of the staff attendance can be set according to the wish of the School Management. That is attendance can be set to mark for any of the chosen below period.

  • Can be marked only  once in a day
  • Can be marked for in time and out time
Figure 30: Staff attendance

Can be marked for only forenoon and afternoon wise.

First click on the ‘Enter Attendance’ and select the day for marking the attendance.

NOTE: Attendance should be marked from the beginning of the academic year. User can’t skip a day and move to another day for marking attendance.

Click on the present date for marking the staff attendance. The following page is displayed for the particular        date.

The staff attendance in time and out time need to be configured under configuration >> Staff attendance     configuration.

Figure 31: Staff attendance marking

Can enter the staff attendance details and can update.

Search Staff

Staffs those who are created in the school can be searched using this option. Staffs can be searched based on

  • Staffid/Login Name
    • Staff name
    • Handled Subject
    • Designation
    • Experience Greater than
    • Experience Less than
Figure 32: Search staff
Figure 33: view staff

For searching the staff the user can select any of the desired option above and click on the ‘search’ Button

Now select the staff and can view his/her details.

  • General details of the staff will be displayed under the general tab
  • And if any incidents are reported against the staff that will be displayed under Incidence tab Staff Details

Figure 34: Staff details

It displays all the general details which includes name, age, D.O.B, joining date, address, group name, etc..

We can also export these details into the excel sheet. Edit Details

If the staff details are to be updated or modified.

  • Click on Edit Details
    • Then user can modify all the staff details including login name or password.
    • After updating the details click on the ‘Save’ Button.
Figure 35: Edit details

            If the staff photo is to be uploaded or if the user wish to change the staff photo.

  • Click on Upload Photo tab shown above
  • Now browse the photo of the staff which is to be uploaded
  • Now click on upload
  • The staff photo is uploaded.
  • If staff photo is not present can connect to the web cam and click on capture photo and can click the picture of staff and upload.
Figure 36: Upload photo while editing staff details Attendance Report

This option provides the attendance report details of the staff. The detailed view of the staff attendance is possible using this option. Report can be made in two ways.

  • Yearly
    • Monthly
Yearly Report

In this report the staff attendance details for the present academic year is generated. This report contains yearly attendance details as shown below.

Figure 37: Yearly report

Monthly Report

User will get monthly attendance details of the staff in a detailed manner using this option. At the top of the page user can select the month for which he/she need to get the report.

Report will be having:

Detailed attendance report of the day- in time, out time, present hours for the day.

Figure 38: Monthly report Report Incidents

Staff incidents can be reported using these options. Any incidents of the staff in the school can be reported and that can be viewed when searching that staff.

Incident type can be

  • Academic
  • Medical
  • Disciplinary
  • Others


Figure 39: Report staff incident

After selecting the incident and click on the ‘Create’ button, the incident is listed in the user area approve incident which as to be approved by the admin.

If the incident need not require any approval then we can select the incident and can click on ‘create and approve’ button, the incident will be created and approved. View Incidents

Figure 40: View staff incidents

The incidents that  are reported for a staff can be viewed in the View incidents page.

If the user needs to view the incidents in detail then click on the view link and incident details will be displayed in the pop up window.

Figure 41: View incident

If the user needs to delete the incident click on ‘Delete’ Button. Resignation

When a staff is resigning that can be entered under this option. Then that staff will be deleted and if needed his/her details can be viewed from the history details.

The Reason for which the staff is resigning can be marked .The reason can be:

  • Transfer
  • Retirement
Figure 42: Resign staff

End of the Period

After entering the details click on the ‘Resign’ Button. And then a ‘Message Box’ Will be displayed.

Figure 43:  Alert after clicking resign option
Figure 44: Resignation alert

If the staff is to be moved to history or deleted then click on the ‘Yes’ button. Then the alert will appear

Click on ‘OK’ and then the staff will be moved to history. Incident Ratings

The user can view the staff incident rating in the graph. It includes

a.   Rating chart and

  • Staff  vs. staff average  point chart
Figure 45: Staff rating chart

The rating chart of the staff is displayed as shown below.

If we need to view the details of staff vs. staff average point chart then click on staff vs. staff average point   chart tab. The details are displayed as shown below.

Figure 46 : Staff vs. staff average point chart Staff Availability

Figure 47: Staff availability

We can check the staff availability and can generate the time table for the staff and can update the staff. Can edit the details of staff availability. Time Table

We can view the time table of individual staff – number of periods assigned, number of free periods.

Before this we need to generate the time table for the class then the time table will be present under individual staff.

Figure 48: View time table Locate Staff

Figure 49: Locate staff

Can locate the staff for the day- which period he is handling, which periods he is free, as shown in the below picture.

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