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Document Management System [DMS] for E-learning

The main objective of having DMS is to create a bridge between the staff and the student wherein all the important documents like the Study materials and E-learning, which will be uploaded by the Staff on the basis of class and subjects, at the same time the documents can be downloaded by the Staff or the Student for their reference.

There a two ways for working on DMS

  1. Upload Document
  2. Download Document

Figure : DMS module

Upload document

Figure 58: Upload document

Click on ‘Upload document.

  • All the fields must be entered in order to upload the document and the document can be either word, excel, text file or PDF format. Other formats are not supported.
  • There is limit for every document to be uploaded if the size of the document exceeds, an error message will be thrown. So that the user will be aware of it.
  • Once the document is uploaded, a table appears below with all the fields which contain all the information like what type of document is uploaded to which class, subject, and the user for the document.

Figure : Uploaded document details

Download Document

  • For downloading any document the user should be aware to which class, subject and which document is been uploaded.
  • After filling all the fields appropriately click on ‘Download document’ button to start the download.
  • This page allows both staff and student to download the documents.
  • There is another way to download document only for students for that specific class to which the document is uploaded and that is through student login portal.
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