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Class module

Classroom management is the process by which teachers and schools create and maintain appropriate behaviour of students in classroom settings. Establishes and sustains an orderly environment in the classroom. Increases meaningful academic learning and facilitates social and emotional growth

Figure 50: Class module

On clicking the class module it displays the following options in the dropdown

Add class

Using this option the user can create ‘New Class’ to the school.

Click on Masters and then click on ‘Add Class’ Option

Enter the details of the class, add subjects to the class and click on save class button.

Figure 51: Add class

5.5.2 View Class

Click on view class link.

We can view the total class present under the school, and can view few icons which display the details of the school.

Figure 52: View Class View Class Details

Click on the particular class and then click on View Class button as shown in the above image

Displays class details under details tab, and students in the class under student list tab.

Figure 53: Class details

Click on the student list tab. The details of the student present under that class will be displayed.

Figure 54: Class details –Student list
  • Click on the students view  icon on the student list page. The student list slider will be displayed.
Figure 55: Students in class

Click on “More details”the details of the students is displayed.

  • Click on icon on the student list page, the student list with the edit option is displayed.
  • Click on the edit button on the list, student details in the pop up window is displayed.
Figure 56:  Student view

Can edit the details and can upload the details and save in the student list.

  • Click on the Export to excel icon- can export the details of the student and can save in the excel sheet.
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