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Student login module

Student Login Modules 

  Selecting the Student Login in the scool360 app redirects to the student login page. 


Login screen is the first screen of the app where the workflow starts, here student have to enter the school Id, student Id and the password on clicking login redirects to next page


Home Screen 

The screen after signing into the mobile app is home page of the app, here in this screen the details of the school i.e., school name and address of the school will be displayed. 



Select the menu icon from the home screen. From here, you can find the parent details and student details like parent’s name, phone numbers, student name, class, admission number and roll number of the student. 

There are also various modules available by expanding the arrow button from student. 

Click on menu >to see the details as a list as shown on the left side of the below screenshot.

Click on arrow>to expand , where the options are listed as shown on the right side of the below screenshot.


Attendance of students can be tracked through the app, here in the attendance module the screen displays the calendar with the red and green color on the dates. 

The colors are defined as 

  • Red Color: It defines as the student is absent. 
  • Green Color: It defines as the student is present.

Click on Attendance > to get attendance screen as shown below


School Calendar 

The school calendar module in the app, displays the Holidays and events of the academic year in advance so that parents could plan their vacation according to the vacations mentioned in the calendar.  

The screen has the calendar view with the colored dots on the date, on clicking the date displays the reason for holiday or the event name. 

Click on School Calendar > to get the Calendar as shown below



Exam module displays all the details regarding the exam which contains the details when the exam is scheduled with respect to the class and subjects. It contains  

  • Exam Timetable: With the help of time-table module, Parents can be able to view time-table of the exam scheduled with date, time and subject  .The screen displays the list of exams on clicking the arrow the tile expands and displays the time time list.
  • Exam Marks: Parents can view the exam marks of the student which displays the marks obtained with respect to the subject. The screen displays the list of exams on clicking the arrow the tile expands and displays the marks obtained for the respective exam.

Click on Exam > from the options, screens appears with exam timetable and marks tab as shown in below screenshot.

Class Timetable 

A timetable is an important module in school to maintain discipline and regulation. It provides an overall information about the flow of Student in school.  

In this module, it displays the scrollable weekly tab where each tab screen contains the information of the period, subject and time of the class held. It also has a link which redirects to the adjacent subject’s video. 

Click on Time table > from the options, screen appears with timetable as shown in below screenshot.


Library Module Keeps the record of all the books in library which is necessary for any school to maintain record of books.  

In scool360 app there are two tabs namely 

  • Issued Book: This tab Displays the information of the book like book name, author, edition etc. Collected from the library by particular student. 
  • Returned Book: This displays the information of the book returned by the student to the library. 

Click on Library > from the options, screen appears with issued and returned books tabs as shown in below screenshot.

Home work 

Homework module is a key feature which made the students easier to view their homework in the app which avoids the mistakes done while manually noting the home work assigned by the teacher. 

Click on Homework > from the options, screen appears with Home work description as shown in below screenshot.

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