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Push notification

In the Scool360 mobile app, push notifications allow you to send updates to the parents through their mobile phones. 

Push notifications can be used to: 

  • Notify parents about the latest updates from the school like announcements, holidays, circular. 
  • It can also be used to notify any important events occurring in the school. 


To use push notifications in the mobile app, you’ll need to : 

  • Download the Scool360 mobile app from the play store. 
  • When the app launches, accept the prompt to receive notifications. Otherwise, enable notifications in your device’s settings. 
  • The push notifications will be shown to the user using the mobile phone. User do not need to be in the app or using their device to receive push notifications. 

View of push notification in the scool360 app 

Schools can easily send a notification to every individual in a mere click from anywhere and anytime. This notification would be available on individual mobile as well as it is displayed on the announcement page. This makes an easy and quick connection  with the busy parents and even assure them with the security of their child. 

The push notifications will be shown in the mobile as the below screenshot 

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