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Mobile app

Overview of scool360 app

Mobile has become a crucial part of our lives , each individual person spends on average of 4 hours per day on their mobile device. Which is why it has become a crucial medium for every industry marketer to target the audience. 

So Scool360 application plays the vital role, which helps the institutions to connect with the students, parents and teachers easily with the mobile app. 

Some of the advantages of the app are 

  • Time-saving – old tradition method of pen paper is time-consuming, nowadays everything is possible through fingers in a few seconds. This school management software is easy to use, less time consuming and eco-friendly. 
  • Easy data retrievable- It is a complete cloud-based school management system that automates the routine tasks for a teacher and enables communication between teacher and Students/parents 
  • Easy mode of communication- In spite of the fact that school management software is about administration, yet it can make it easy to communicate with the parents, guardians, students.   
  •  Features like Chat and GPS Tracking – Today security of a student is the main concern for all the school. So, GPS tracking in a bus is must and should be monitored to be on safer side.                                                              

Some of the features supported are shown in the below image and listed

  • Login: scool360 app supports for multiple roles like parent, teacher and student login. 
  • Push Notifications: Notify parents about the latest updates from the school like announcements, holidays, circular. 
  • School Calendar: The system allows the school to mark events, holidays or important days and it will be updated in parent’s portal. 
  • Fees Details: The complete details of the fee’s transactions done by parents for their child and it also displays fees yet to be paid. 
  • Timetable: It displays the timetable of the student.
  • Attendance: This view displays the number if days present and absent of the student. 
  • Home work: Once the homework is assigned from any teacher it will be displayed in parent’s portal and they can check upon the child.
  •  Student Information: It Displays all the information of student.
  • Exam Timetable and Result  : It keeps track of exam timetable and result.
  • Library Details:  The function allows to add books to library, issue books, collection of books, returns, penalties for late return.                
  • Online fee payment: Fees can be paid through the online 
  • Bus Tracking: Bus tracking of the student to maintain security of students

With the above features mentioned, students and parents will always remain connected with the institution. 


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