The importance of digital presence no one can deny in today’s time considering from different sectors. 

The Same goes with the education sector which has seen and understood the benefits of digital platforms. 

Many industries are not only surviving actually it is thriving and one among them is the education segment. 

Since the Covid19 pandemic hit the world, health and hygiene, social distancing, work from home, etc become new norms and it opened the door for all education institutes for the online presence.  

Many of the education institutes conduct online classes, online exams, fee collection, study material sharing, PTM, etc and for doing so, it provided training to their faculty members within no time and the whole system got set up to run smoothly. 

But the big concern is here do same is for remote schools and colleges present in villages and small towns. Are they providing online education smoothly? Do they have trained faculty members (teachers, lecturers, professors), etc. for this immediate shift? Well, our survey report says that it’s not the case in villages and small towns. Education institutes are shut and students are idle, faculty members are not trained enough to conduct online classes. What if the Covid19 pandemic condition prolongs as there’s huge speculation over Covid19 third wave hit is circulating. It doesn’t seem that things are going to be normal soon means social gatherings would be banned for long. Parents would be scared to send their children to school or college. 

Going online would solve the major problems of education institutes. Going online means that your institute now has access to a range of digital tools which help education institute from Operation, education and Management point of view.   

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